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Workplace English

Present, negotiate, email, and collaborate at work with effective English. Equip yourself with confidence and boost your performance in common business and professional situations. 

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to develop your speaking and writing skills in a business context. You will learn the common phrases used in business, develop public speaking and presentation skills, and improve your communication in meetings and telephone calls. This course will also equip you with the skills to write clearly and effectively in your business correspondence.  

Learning Milestones

Interact with native speakers

Learn English in a professional context

Gain confidence and reach out to more people

Forge greater business relationships

Apply what you've learnt in your everyday work

  • Speaking in public and making an impact

  • Presenting and participating in meetings

  • Communicating effectively on telephone calls and conference calls

  • Writing simple and effective emails, memos, letters

  • Preparing reports and proposals

General English

Master the English language for everyday use. Converse, read, and write effectively in English whether in relation to travelling, eating out, watching movies, or simply meeting people. 

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to boost your proficiency in everyday conversational English. This will be achieved by expanding your vocabulary, improving your grammar, and refining your pronunciation. 

Learning Milestones

Interact with native speakers

Learn English in a casual setting


Boost your confidence when conversing in English

Apply what you've learnt in an everyday context

Improve your social skills

  • Greeting people and breaking the ice

  • Describing events, things, and emotions

  • Giving advice, complements, and criticisms

  • Expressing ideas, views, and opinions

  • Seeking guidance, assistance, and requesting for things

  • Conversing on a diverse range of topics of interests

TESOL Certification

Get certified to teach English to the world. Learn strategies to engage students in the different stages of learning English and master the different methods of teaching English. 

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will gain the skills and certification to teach English as a second language. You will learn how to engage with students of different cultural backgrounds and equip yourself with the different styles and methods of teaching English. 

Learning Milestones

Get certified as a TESOL teacher

Learn how to design your own lessons

Learn and get certified at your own pace


Equip yourself with basic teaching skills

Become an international teacher

  • Methods to overcome reading and writing difficulties

  • Strategies to make your student a good writer

  • Enhancing pronunciation and listening skills

  • Understand concept of testing, assessment, and evaluation

  • Approach to teaching grammar and expanding vocabulary

  • Integrating technology and English education

Communication Skills

Effective communication involves the ability to express your best self in everything you do. Learn how to understand and interpret the ideas of others and to strategically respond to those ideas. 

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will improve your overall English pronunciation and fluency. This will be achieved by exposing you to the different types of statements, questions, and responses for different settings and situations and giving you a better understanding of how culture influences your speech and communication style. 

Learning Milestones

Interact with native speakers

Express yourself clearly and effectively

Be able to discuss diverse topics

Refine your pronunciation and be clear and concise

Learn the art of persuasion

  • Introducing yourself and participating in small talks

  • Presenting an elevator speech

  • Talking about different topics of interest

  • Understanding cultural differences

  • Expressing yourself in a social context

  • Persuading and encouraging others

Writing Skills

Inspire others and effect change with your writing. Learn important elements of composition and style that will improve all of your written communication in everyday use. 

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to equip you with the skills to write effectively whether to share compelling stories, in depth research papers, succinct emails, or persuasive proposals. With this course, you will learn the basics of structuring sentences and setting narrative tones.

Learning Milestones

Improve your writing skills in 24 hours

Interact with native speakers

Tell compelling stories through writing 

Learn new words and writing styles

Write about a diverse range of topics

  • Understanding the use of different punctuation 

  • Utilizing diverse sentence structures

  • Expanding your vocabulary

  • Identifying key elements of an essay or a story

  • Drafting cause and effect essays and argument essays

  • Using quotes in your writing

English for Specific Purposes

Master the English language for specific areas such as medical, engineering, aviation, and tourism. Gain an advantage in your specialized field by honing your English language proficiency.

Learning Objectives

Maximize your potential by mastering English in your field of expertise. Familiarize yourself with the jargons of specific industries such as engineering, medicine, finance, IT, and hospitality.

Learning Milestones

Interact with native speakers

Use English to expand your understanding of a subject

Expand your network in the industry with English

Be active at conferences

Learn industry specific words and jargons

  • Communicating with other people in the specified industry

  • Sharing ideas on a particular area of expertise

  • Promoting your industry and specialization

  • Attending workshops and seminars 

  • Understanding the needs of the industry



We are registered with the Human Resources Development Fund of Malaysia (HRDF) as an Approved Training Provider. Under this scheme, companies are entitled to claim reimbursements from the HRDF for the training costs incurred to up-skill the employees!


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English for the Workplace

The programme (English for the Workplace) helped develop my confidence in communicating in English with my colleagues.

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Padini Holdings, Merchandiser

English for the Workplace

The points and information given in the face-to-face sessions were relevant and useful. I would recommend this programme to others.

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Padini Holdings, Merchandiser

English for the Workplace

The online and face-to-face learning experience in this programme is worthwhile and useful because they can be applied in practical settings.