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1-to-1 Communicative 
English Programme

This online course is designed to develop your basic English speaking skills for use in everyday situations.

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Learning materials from:

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1-to-1 programme features

Sunago's 1-to-1 Communicative English Programme  is a 3-month programme.

  • Placement test

  • 12 to 24 lessons per level

  • 1 hour per lesson

  • Digital learning materials

  • Completion test

  • Report & Certificate

Flexible scheduling: Students can book and reschedule their lessons on our SunagoLearn platform with 24 hours' notice

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English speaking skills for daily conversations

This English course is a great fit for students who are just beginning their English learning journey.

Grammar & Vocabulary: Improve grammar skills and expand vocabulary

Speaking: Speak clearly and confidently in daily conversations and discussions

Listening: Receive and interpret ideas and messages effectively

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Sunago's English Programme:
How it works

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Step 1: Placement Test

Complete a Placement Test to determine your current English proficiency level

Step 2: Customise your lessons

We will customise your lessons to suit your proficiency level. We can also focus on specific skills

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Step 3: Book your first lesson

Let us know your preferred day & time for your first lesson and we will arrange it for you

Step 4: Start your first lesson

Log into our SunagoLearn platform and connect with your English teacher online

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Step 5: Receive a Certificate of Completion

Attend all your lessons and complete a completion test. Receive a detailed progress report and a certificate of completion

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When would you like to start?

Available now

Sunago is rated Excellent!

Sunago trustpilot reviews
Mr Robert, undoubtedly an excellent teacher.

"Mr Robert is honestly a teacher of focus, commitment, and sheer enthusiasm. He is always on supportive mode, and without doubt consistently will try his best to ensure his student fully understand every topic that he covered throughout the each session. He also encourages his student to actively ask questions, promoting two-way communication and indirectly instilling student with confidence especially to converse in English without a doubt. Overall, Mr Robert Offord is an excellent teacher."

Sunago trustpilot reviews
Tremendous english learning experience!

"I have a tremendous experience throughout my lesson with Sunago. The tutor is very experienced, engaging and supportive during the lesson. We love our tutor, Mrs. Martene! We learn new things every week. The lesson plan is also easy to understand and follow too. There are numerous exercises during the class that help me enhance/improve my English."

Nur Izzatul Atiqah Husin
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