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Workplace English

Present, write, and collaborate at work with effective English. Equip yourself with confidence and boost your performance in common business and professional situations. 


3-12 weeks

Weekly study

1 - 4 hours

100% online


Flexible Schedule

Online booking system

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This course is designed to develop your speaking and writing skills in a business and professional context. You will learn the common phrases used in business, develop  presentation skills, and improve your communication in meetings and business correspondence. Learn how to share your ideas clearly and effectively in English.

What skills will you cover?

  • Writing with grammatical accuracy

  • Presenting ideas with grammatical accuracy

  • Report writing

  • Email writing

  • Content structuring

  • Summary writing

  • Requesting for information

  • Presenting facts and information

  • Giving instructions and commands

  • Giving feedback, solutions and recommendations

  • Providing justification

What will you achieve?

Reading: Understand complex texts and connect ideas 

Writing: Write clearly and effectively with good content structure and grammar 

Listening: Receive and interpret messages effectively

Speaking: Speak clearly and confidently with good pronunciation

How is this course conducted?

  • Private one-to-one classes or small-group classes.

  • You will have 12 lessons with your personal tutor on a video conferencing platform. Each live online lesson is 1 hour.

  • You will be assigned e-learning practices to complete after every lesson.

  • At the beginning of the course, you will take a Placement Test. This will identify your current proficiency level.

  • At the end of the course, you will take an Exit Test to track and measure your progress. 

  • Flexible scheduling: Book your classes on our booking system online.

What does this course include?

Live online teaching

1000s of online practices

Lesson notes

Placement Test & Exit Test

Certificate of Completion

When would you like to start?

Available now

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Muhammad Adzrean
Head of Talent Management


As an agency under the purview of the government, HRDF serves a wide range of stakeholders to develop the current and future workforce. A good grasp of English is a commodity for professionals. E-learning gives them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.


With Sunago's unique learning modules, our participants are able to improve their proficiency with ease. People are more comfortable at home and thus able to focus better on the training. The face-to-face component of Sunago's lessons provides two-way communication, enhancing the learning experience for our participants.


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